The first course I wanted to take up during college was nursing. Like most of the people here in the Philippines I was hoping to get it but due to financial aid problems, I had to choose another.

What’s the second you ask? Engineering. I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with things, we even had this subject during third year high school which made me even more familiar and after all, guys love this.

But what did I ended up with? Information Technology. Actually, it was all because of someone. Yet I can say that it was fun because in the long run, I became more involved with programming. It became my passion and main interest and up to now I learn new things everyday. I became interested in technology as well, although I may not be as expert as the other guys are with technicalities in networking and computer parts – I can say I am very well informed in these and the best when it comes to web development (since that’s my field). I guess after all, I made a good decision as today, IT is growing and becoming more advanced.