Last year was indeed a whole year of technology goodness for all of us as more Android phones were introduced and improved. Now that year 2013 has come, it will be probably more exciting and with more enhancements in terms of gadgets – tablets, phones and computers. But what are you actually expecting?

For me, this isn’t very hard to think of, recently, Samsung has also shown the world their “flexible” smartphones which apparently, can be bended but wait, there could be more!

More affordable smartphones – Apparently, Apple is cooking a cheaper iPhone to compete with the low-end Android phones (especially with Samsung). After all, iPhone may be seamless but because of its price not everyone can afford it unless they get internet plans. Alongside is the increasing number of produced smartphones every month. In Philippines, Cherry Mobile, Starmobile, myPhone, Cloudfone and many others are making their scene as they present affordable dual-core ICS android phones with specs which aren’t really bad but rather great.

More tablets and phablets – According to studies, net books and laptops may become the thing of the past especially with many tablets and phablets (phone tablets) being introduced to the market. These gadgets can easily be paired now with keyboards and other computer utilities. They’re also easier to bring compared to heavy laptops. It maye be true that nothing beats desktop and all, but not everyone wants that, some want portability and quick access to the world wide web.

More high-tech appliances – Not only is Samsung improving their gadgets but also up to creating more possibilities. Recently, they’ve been implementing their advanced systems to appliances, especially television sets. You can already do what you can with your fancy tablets and phones with these things which is definitely awesome.

More advancement in web development and mobile development – For every gadget, another screen resolution – or other compatibility issues. With this many are coming up with ideas and hacks on how to create better websites and applications for these gadgets. Of course, in the process they learn so many cool things that help with creating more concepts to be used.

Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe I’m right – but definitely, there are many things to look forward to year 2013 when it comes to the field of technology. It never ends, it just improves and become even better!