Who wouldn’t have thought there’s a phone so slim and so small like Vell-com M2? It’s not much but for someone who is worried about the dangers of outside this is quite ideal.

Vell-com M2
Vell-com M2

And yes, it’s apparently a China phone. It has the most needed features though:

  • Music (MP3, Midi)
  • SD Storage Capable (not just sure up to how many GB)
  • FM Radio
  • Headset
  • Camera
  • Messaging
  • Alarm Clock

However, do not expect much. It’s your typical phone that is ideal for frequent trips because usually bad things happen when you bring out expensive gadgets and the likes. It serves its purpose very well too, messaging and music combined is already fine.

It can be ideal for your kids as well, who doesn’t really need all the other extras of pricey phones. I can tell you it’s afforadable but not how much because it was a gift for me :)