When I was in my elementary days, I was asking myself how stars fly. Is there something holding them? I want to know if they get out of light during day time. Stars are amazing, they keep a millions of secrets that everybody wants to know, many question that starts from “how”. They symbolize good not evil, but there is one question that keeps on hiding at the back of my mind, “why?”

Life is sometimes miserable, sometimes tragic and somehow exciting. You can’t say how long you will live, how long you can stay with someone you love; you don’t know how far you can go when you try searching for your dreams.  We don’t know many things in ourselves but as ourselves we must keep on living to know it.

Like stars our life is full of mystery, beautiful yet tragic. …

There are moments in our life that we woke up alone with no one to hold on to. Don’t give up. Just keep on trying and doing things worth it, we can change it.

Like stars, they are billions of light years far from each other but they seem closer than what they really are.