Star Mobile has just started in Philippine mobile industry but so far – I can say that they are actually doing great.

Star Mobile Astra
Star Mobile Astra

I am saying this because I recently bought their Astra, it is a mobile phone that runs Android OS Icecream, it’s also with dual core and it has an 8 MP camera. It can be compared to Cherry Mobile’s Flare that’s hot lately as well.

Actually, I had to buy this phone because Flare was out of stock (as always). I gave up on it as I was shown Astra and it amazed me because for these reasons:

  • It is also a dual-core phone.
  • It runs Icecream
  • The camera takes shots quickly
  • It has a TV feature
  • Music is also great
  • The screen is really huge and it’s also slim
  • The design stands out.
I’ve heard that Flare had some problems with gyro-enabled games and with Skype so I went on ahead, I just needed to added a bit more of money. 

It does lag sometimes, but then at most time it works wonders. The battery lasts quite long as well (I guess it depends upon the user since a heavy users probably use it to the max) But I do have my 3G connection turned on at most times.

Star Mobile is apparently to release another phone next to Astra and its brother Bright which will be named Crystal with the almost same specs (but without TV yet with another feature) so it’s something to look forward as well!