There are many questions about love but since I ain’t professional let me start it with these question, why we need to fall in love? Yes, maybe the question is wrong but I’ll assure you that like this question there are things you may not understand when you are not in love.
The feeling why people cuts themselves to show what they feel, why people blushed every time they saw their crushes. Being in love is one of the most happiest moment that you can ever experienced in your life and may also be your saddest moment. But when the person you love tells you she loves you too, this will really make you feel that you are the happiest person in the world. Maybe it’s too corny of me why I am telling you this but me I myself I am in love with this girl and being with her makes me feel better than any other day of my life

With her I can feel that everything will be okay even your day is turning out to be your worst. The feeling that you can’t be sad because you know that you are making her happy when you smile.
With her, every night you’ll be afraid not to wake up tomorrow because you always want to see her the first moment you open your eyes.
With her, even the simplest gift on your birthday can be the most precious one.
With her, you will be more serious in your life because you want her to be proud of you.
You will never get bored walking alone because you are practicing your lines to make her fall for you every day.
With her, you can enjoy singing love songs because it reminds you of her.
And most importantly is the feeling that you are ready to marry her every single day of your life to show her how much you her to be with you.
I want to say happy monthsary, I love you so much, and you mean everything to me.