Today, I learned something new while fixing a friend’s blog. Actually, fixing is not the term but rather “restoring”. I was also to research about this problem I encounter with her blog. It was because I have problems in moving her blog contents to another, causing images to load the small red “x” instead of the images. The images are there, but in the posts, the url of images are still the old ones. Luckily, Google has found awesome ways to finally get rid of this issue.

This was when I discovered about Search and Replace WordPress Plugin. Come to think of it, most will probably say it’s useless. Most will not know whats its real use but actually it does magic. Not everyone is tech-savvy to know about sql commands to type on phpMyadmin nor even how to use cPanel or phpmyAdmin. In this case, this plugin truly helps because it lets you search key words, terms or phrases in your WordPress blog which you need to replace and then replace them in a click. I know how to use phpmyadmin but can’t seem to use Search for the wordpress post contents. So I ended up with the plugin being mentioned.

In my case, I had to replace the urls of img src codes of the post contents and there were plenty, from the past move to this latest one. And now, everything’s fixed! My efforts in downloading and uploading her website contents didn’t go to waste, nor my efforts this 2 am in the morning because I learned something new.