Businesses have had plenty of time to create and maintain websites over the last 10 to 15 years. In that time, the technology that drives the websites and the content has changed significantly. What was acceptable for a website in 1998 is a far cry from the websites of today. The way that websites are viewed is completely different today than it was in the 1990s.

The browser wars of the 1990s made coding a website a challenge. Once those settled down, the introduction of Flash and animation made it necessary to redo the website in order to captivate the audience. Flash and animation brought their own special problems. They took up a lot of bandwidth and made it hard for viewers to see them if they were still on dialup. There were many areas of the country that were still primarily on dialup, and there are still pockets of dialup today.

Then there were those who wanted to view the websites on their televisions. That presented designers with the challenge of creating two different websites for one domain.

Today, there are the challenges of trying to create websites that fit phones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices. All of these have a different size screen, which means some areas of the website must be prominently visible. A good makeover of an older site may be in the works for long established websites in order to stay current. Network Solutions offers e commerce web design services to bring your website up-to-date with the current technology.