Nowadays, all kinds of services are being offered. Thanks to technology these new things were introduced, one thing that made me interested though is Southtree.

Like many others, Southtree provides amazing services but unique – they help out in preserving your media files in many different ways.

You can have your pictures turned into gift cards and booklets, you can even store your files with their ForeverFiles service which lasts well, forever.

Preserve images the right way
Preserve images the right way

This very cool especially that today people take pictures more than ever, not just moments but even their adventures wherever they go.

To try this out, you can use this promo code: blog25

That will entitle you to 25% for any purchase of their services. Well, I hope this helps and that you will make more wonderful memories :)

This post was created in partnership with Southtree. All opinions are my own.