Hi, long time no post first of all! Been busy with my job, yes I finally have a job. Having one is also giving me a lot of perks, being able to buy the things I do. Best of all, I learn new things everyday.

Moving on, I was actually planning to get a printer for our home computer because school opening is approaching – I’m sure my siblings will be needing printing utilities. But I’m having a hard time in choosing which one. However, as always I never fail to find good online shops where you can find the best for you.

I stumbled to this page with an awesome, multi-functional printer which is also wifi ready. It’s the canon 8380cdw, unlike the others it shows good specs. I have not experienced a wifi printer actually and I figured, why not give a try right?

CopyFaxes' Canon Models
CopyFaxes' Canon Models

Copyfaxes also have other ones from Canon which are new models like canon 8380 and canon mf8380. Most of them are already multifunction. Given the budget, these printers are surely great options for those who are looking into a more advanced printer at home.

These would go along with smartphones that are wifi ready which can be used with wifi printers. I believe this option is available for iTouch which I have too.