Back in 2005, Save the Date wasn’t quite known – today however, it’s become a trend for weddings and other events. People have it personalised, filled with different colors and they always make sure it is full of creativity to capture the attention of those who would receive them.

Save the Date! Make it even better!
Save the Date! Make it even better!

But did you know? MagnetStreet was one of the first national vendors to offer Save the Date Magnets! They were really unique with this idea that they have brought many people this simple, yet memorable way of reminding people of special days to remember.

MagnetStreet, an industry leader in design and print capabilities, expertise in making invitations, thank you cards or notes and many more. They can now offer you an entire line up on specialty papers for the big day and beyond!

Through technology’s innovative tools, MagnetStreet has a goal and that is to express what their customers want in paper, colorful fonts, designs and such that can help them bring out what they truly mean in a thoughtful way and a more creative way.

To make it even more better for you, here’s a good news:

Save the Date...for MagnetStreet's sale!
Save the Date…for MagnetStreet’s sale!

The MagnetStreet Diamond Anniversary Celebration Sale – get to save 30% on Wedding and Life Moments stationery!

So what are you waiting for? ‘Beautify’ your invitations cards and let the world know its something to never-ever forget, MagnetStreet has your back!

*The sitewide Anniversary sale covers all of their products for celebrating your wedding or life events!