One of the most problems with artists is that, they create songs – but are all songs really making a hit? It’s quite a problem in finding out which songs are “loved” without the proper tool. Surveys are so yesterday as well. However, maybe with technology there can be something done to make things easier.

Fortunately, TuneCore has finally introduced Track Smarts. This nifty service of theirs can help finding out any future hits from your songs. Your fans can rate your song or music and they can even leave a comment on what they think or feel about it.

This way, you can come up with more ideas for your next songs in line. This service is also used by major record labels in finding out future hit songs. Needless to say, this is probably the best solution for those who wants to find out how they can improve their career in  the music industry.

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.