I earned money through blogging, though it’s not that big to buy what I really want, it helps. My girlfriend bought an IPod Touch using her money earned in blogging, hosting and other more online stuffs. She is really active in these kinds of stuffs.  She got her atm card 2years ahead from me.

She helped me to have my own atm card so I can withdraw my online money every time I want. Now I finally got my atm card and already connected to my PayPal account. I am very excited to withdraw my money but it said I need to wait for 5 to 7 days to transfer the money from PayPal into my union bank account.

The time came. But nothing transferred in my bank account. I’m a bit worried, my girlfriend told me to email the union bank because my PayPal account says the money was transferred.

After realizing something went wrong we emailed union bank and after two days things work fine. Actually my girlfriend helps me to fix it not the union bank. Sadly the PayPal got 250 PHP of my money, but still I’m excited to withdraw it.

credit for image :makemoneyonline.carlodimaandal.com