A very well known Microsoft company provides an application for the user and clients of their operating system the window XP, window 7, etc. They provide office applications such as Microsoft Office which allows the user making their document easier. Easier in the sense that the application corrects the spelling automatically and guides the user to follow the rules of grammars in creating a sentence or a paragraph.


The Microsoft Excel is software that will help you calculates but unlike a typical scientific calculator or a simple calculator this application is programmable. When I say programmable it means it can be set. You can make your own formula and then the system will do the rest, all you have to do is to look for the final answer.Creating good reports or presentation is hard thing to do too until Microsoft offers the Microsoft PowerPoint. It provides templates that have different professional design which is very useful in making your presentations. You can choose what fonts you want to use, Images, videos and animations. The only limit is your imagination.


Everything Microsoft offers is to make our life easier.

Credit for Image :pubpages.unh.edu, blogsdna.com