Just recently, I stumbled to this post with many resources for web developers. At the time, I was killing time so instead of wasting most on 9gag I decided to do research and more reading. There, I found out about Inky


Inky is a cloud-enabled desktop application for emails. It lets you manage your emails in different computers (Mac or Windows) without the need to add them one by one repeatedly. You will be given a username which when you log-on will load your emails automatically.

I’ve been using it for a few months now and it’s pretty cool. Although I haven’t tried the Windows version. I did notice it was lag a little bit when receiving emails at times but it works well. It also easily gets settings for common emails such as GmailYahoo! and others.

For someone who has a lot of email account this is pretty handy. I think Inky got its name from the fact that old letters use ink, thus, Inky was born.

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