Let me describe girls according to what I know so far. Girls are sweet, charming and always looking forward to good things. Girls want chocolates, flowers, gifts from their relatives but they love it more when it came from their boyfriend. But hey when did the last time you gave your girlfriend a flower?
Most girls love flower. This shows that there is someone who admires them. Her friends will tease her probably, look at her and you’ll see, her smile will give you satisfaction.
Giving her chocolates and a love letters written in a pink paper will add some points too. Don’t forget to put a smiley.
When her 18th birthday comes, give her one balloon with the name of both of you written on it. After that give your gift to her with a personal I love you and happy birthday. When her everybody sing a happy birthday for her sing with them and look at her like there will be no tomorrow, stare at her and smile every time she sees you. Before you live greet her again a happy birthday.
When she has a problem, don’t make her think so much. Hug her and say everything will be fine. Make time with her, laugh at her jokes, smile when she smiles, say I love you too when she says he loves you.