Honestly I was never a fan of comics before, I always prefer watching movies, anime and something that shows animations and effects. But last year my office-mate showed me his comics that he called “Liga ni Likeman” which I know you are somehow familiar where he got the concept of naming the lead character of the said comics.

There was a part in his comics ”Liga ni Likeman” which made me laugh and at the same time gave me the realization of how people react on different situations.


Likeman is also keeping its best to be updated on whats in on the Internet.. Like the time when Thor meme was so popular.


The definition how teenagers are being hurt nowadays when they’re trying to keep in touch with the people they admire.


And the one when he was trying to be funny by using one of the character of avengers during election.


Obviously “Liga ni Likeman” caught my attention and made me wanna look on his page regularly to be updated. Well, If you guys are chilling and want to have little more entertainment visit this page LigaNiLikeman and start reading..

Like it and let others know that comics is not just made up stories.. There are always reason why the author made it that way..

Credits for “Liga ni Likeman” author –Russel Reyes.