I never thought I’d ever see the real importance of WordPress “trash” feature. I always thought it was silly. But I finally found out what it’s for.

So this is the situation:

You want to delete a user which is assigned to be as the default user, in doing so, you accidentally choose “delete posts” instead of transferring them over the care of another administrator.

And that, my folks, is what happened to me. I also had to remove posts form being under Girlynerd because of the panic attack. Hoho. Oh well. So now you know, better be careful with the posts there! I’ve got 2 missing posts but I honestly don’t know anymore because all of the posts that got “deleted” became drafts and I just published everything in there, don’t know anymore if there were some that were truly “drafts”

On another topic, we’ve finally gotten to our new host for this blog :)