Being an Online programmer, one important thing we must know is on how to bring your data into different pages. Sadly, in PHP every time we click the submit button the page will reload and all the data  being insert without proper coding will be deleted. Meaning, in order for the PHP programmer to keep the data in the page, he needs to transfer the data into other variables.

But the problem is what if I don’t want to use buttons? I want to use links… Yeah, using links is a way better compare to buttons in terms of designs.

Now, let me give you some hint. This knowledge will surely help you in your everyday life in PHP programming.

To transfer data into other pages using link, you need this following instruction.

Of course a basic knowledge in HTML is need. Like a HTML code in linking pages the only different is the “?” and the “&” and as you notice the names of the variables which is a kind of familiar to you as a programmer.

Look :

<a href=” bautista”> Christian Bautista</a>

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The code example above is simply says that the variable myname=”Christian bautista”. Always remember that every time the data is posted in the address bar the method is always “$_GET[]”.

Now, this is how you will get the data from the address bar.

PHP Code:

Echo $_GET[‘myname’];


Christian bautista

You can also use this if you are going to transfer two or more data’s.


<a href=” bautista& mywife=Nadine Camille P. Ochoa “>Nadine Camille P. Ochoa</a>