One important thing to know in generating any result from database is to limit the data’s being shown coming from database. One good example is what if you as a programmer need to display all the products of the particular grocery store and its description. Can you imagine how many products can a grocery has?

The common way to avoid displaying too many information in one particular page is to generate paging. To do that one hint is that you need to know how to operate with the syntax “LIMIT”. It is mysql command use to limit the display of information being queried.


Select * from table limit 0, 10  —- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

//where 0 is the first row in your database table and 10 is the length.

Select * from table limit 4, 3   —-4, 5, 6

With the use of this mysql code you can now make it as your basis to generate a page to divide your display into different pages.