Apparently, most have been neglecting this feature (or at least does not know how it works). If you are one of them, read on so you can start using it.

In your Facebook account, at the homepage – you probably seen the “Favorites” part which has been a part of a long time update (some months ago) actually you can edit this part and then add-on your favorite groups and pages for easy access. And it’s very easy to do.

Bloggers Group
Bloggers Group

In the example above, I’ve put my mouse over the Bloggers within the Group tab. Just mouse over to the left side and then a pencil will appear (same if you click on More…)

Afterwards, click on the pencil and “Add as Favorite” will appear. This also works with Applications.

This is very helpful for those who are jam-packed with so many groups joined and applications used. So, I hope it helped :)