This is very important stuff if you are an IT or something related to it and you find your internet slower than usual. All you have to do is to access your canopy, well before anything else what is canopy? Do you have that canopy? If you are connected to the internet like for example in the Philippines SmartBro the answer is yes. The canopy is attached at the end of your cable where your internet coming from that serves as the antennae.

Like router canopy has its own IP address which when you type into your browser a website GUI interface will show you. This is very helpful because with this you can edit the settings and make it faster. Mostly the IP address of the canopy is this must work even if you are using a router or directly connected to your canopy.

In case something went wrong, you enable your DHCP and you can’t access your canopy anymore don’t panic. Everything has solution. All you have to do is to connect your canopy to your router and we will assume by default that the address of your canopy is to know exactly if this is the right IP address open your CMD and do a ping. If it replies, check ipconfig and verify if the IP address your pinging is not yours.

If everything is alright and running perfectly fine, goes open any browser Mozilla I prefer and then type the IP address to access the canopy.

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