I am not a father yet nor close with my very own father. But here are some ideas I think of when we say “Father’s Day” which is just a few days away – this June 17, 2012.

So being the gadget lover that I am, fathers of the new era will probably want these:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3 – Forget about the iPhone, what’s mainstream at the moment is the latest Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s Android with all the perks of applications you can download for that. He’s most probably looking for that GPS feature and the awesome camera he can take all the time.
  2. Blackberry 9320 or Blackberry 9220 – Some dads may not be into gadget-tweaking or downloading as much as others so in this case, Blackberry is your key. Blackberry phones are designed to be user friendly. Your dad will find it helpful together with its simple applications, email access and many more especially if he’s the kind of dad who has his nose stuck in business errands.
  3. A new coffee mug – This maybe the simplest, but always the best. Majority of dads spend their mornings reading newspaper while getting ready to get to work.

I bet there are other more, but as of now, if I were a dad, I’d truly love these.