Once, I wanted to be a nurse too. But plans never work as you want them, although it takes you to a path you’ll truly enjoy. I wanted to be a nurse simply because they say jobs for nurses are very high in number. I can’t say much if that is true.

Another is because of the dazzling uniforms. I saw this look for baby phat scrubs┬áthat really made me want to be a nurse. Their uniforms seem comfortable and soft. Although it’s something that must be taken care off since usually, nurse uniforms are white and are supposed to be kept clean at all times.

This makes nursing even more interesting, believe it or not – I remember watching a show where they were nurses and the reason of one of them was actually because of the fashionable nursing uniform. And I think that’s me there.

Fate has not made me become a nurse but to this point in my life I look up to all nurses, not just for their awesome uniforms but also to their tender care of patients. I hope they keep it up and that they save many lives each day.