Technology is so powerful, in our world today it has done so many changes. It has made our life easier than any other, and everywhere we can see its traces. It is continually moving forward every second that we tend to be surprised and say, “Hey, what is happening?” It is great in a way that everyday living has become lighter. But, if there is good in something – it will always be accompanied by something bad as well. Along with the goodness of technology are the ‘evil schemes’ other people are doing. It sounds sad, but it’s the plain truth. Online or offline, something can go wrong.

However, if technology has its weaknesses we humans won’t get intimidated by it. In fact, some may even be challenged. Could it be you?

I’m not that much of a pro, but I am hoping I can somehow be one of those people who have the curiousity, knows analytical and logical approach to problem solving and would try all ways, creative ways to find an answer. These people who can answer any cyber code challenge. It could be you, the next one in line who can be part of a huge cyber security team who are the heroes of the new world – fighting against cyber crime and other evil deeds being done now with technology. This is a great mystery yet to be unfold, and it can change your life – not only your life but many others. It can even save millions (no joke!) And if you can solve this, it certainly proves you are not being taken over by technology but instead you can control how it works. This is just the beginning though, you can learn more once you take this big leap. So, are you ready? And more importantly…Can You Crack It??

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