I hate blackberry until I got one for myself. The first time I saw it and the fact the girlfriend told me that she doesn’t like blackberry phones because of its being static.  Being static in a way that they have only few applications and almost all of it is not free. For me it sucks.

Well, I like the design and the color, BLACK. We bought one. I am not that excited but after a use it I told myself that it’s really cool, “Business Phone”. The applications for socials are pretty fast and emails are really in there.

The applications are really few but I love how fast it is, and they have many promos like BBM, BBSOC which lets you use their built in features.

Try it yourself, you’ll definitely enjoy using it specially if you love social networking sites or you are a business minded person who keeps on receiving messages in your email

Credit For Image : blackberrycool.com