I have a Ipod Touch 3G,  the first time I got this Ipod all I want to do is to find a games and install it. I said I want something I can play every day without getting fed of playing it. I want it continues and dynamic.

Luckily, I found it. This game is free and I think it belongs to a simulation type of game because it simulates business.  This lets you earn money and manage a tiny building that has a very tiny people inside. As you go playing the game the building gets higher and higher. This is really a cool game and doesn’t require you time to finish this game very fast. The name of the game is Tiny Tower.

The other one is the bug Village, It is also free and maybe a simulation type of game too. It has a pretty cool cute graphics. This allows you to have bugs, ants and beetles to be your worker and to make your village bigger and richer. You can also play it offline and online if you want to. Meaning it doesn’t require internet though playing with internet connection is preferred to more enjoy the features of the game.

Credit for Image : mobilitydigest.com