I’m not really a fan of reading – I easily get annoyed and get my eyes go all wonky whenever I see tons and sets of words. Unlike me though, my girl friend can probably spend all day reading. In particular, she was pretty engrossed with reading Nosleep stories in Reddit.

There’s this one story that she keeps talking about me though. She explains that it was truly amazing as it became very “interactive” with the commenters, in a way that they actually joined the story. Some already even made a sub for it (which I think is a pretty big deal for redditors)

What made it more interesting is the technology behind it, as explained by the person who made this project, from the Evil Mouse Studios, Matt talks about the Immersive Horror Through Web Technologies that he came up with.

It’s amazing what technology can do these days, even a simple story became a truly interesting experience to normal commenters on a forum-like website. Well if this is the case maybe I’ll try reading these stories one of these days. Don’t you think?