Well finally, after the long wait Android 5.0 – Lollipop was announced a few days ago. Fortunately most of the updated smart phones such as the Galaxy Note 3 and more will still be getting the updated.

Android Lollipop in the G-house! :D
Android Lollipop in the G-house! :D {digitaltrends.com}

Android Lollipop comes with new features:

  • For one it promises better battery life. We all have to admit that no matter how great our phones are, when our battery is only about 2100 – 2800 mAh it can’t handle our daily tasks such as games, social networks and normal browsing. That’s too many to do so it definitely consumes a lot of battery life.
  • Multi-user feature  will let you use a friend’s phone in guest mode. If you log in a device with your Google credentials, you will then be able to make your calls and, photos and other data as though you were using your own phone and more.

As for the others, we are yet to find out!

The release date for this Android OS varies however, so far, it has been announced that the new Nexus 9 will get this new OS by November 3, 2014. Let’s keep our hopes up the rest of the devices will follow shortly after that.